Huge Step

I took a huge step to stand up for what it right. I knew deep down I had to do this because I’d finally reached the limit of what I was willing to accept. My boss, a man I’d lost respect for shortly after starting working for him 1 year ago, was no a good man, and certainly not a good leader/manager. He is the one that owns the company, so he believes he can say or do whatever he chooses without any consequences. He talks about other employees behind their backs to me, and not in a good way. I feel so bad for those who work their butts off, and he doesn’t think highly of them or what they do for him.

Most people who leave jobs leave them because of poor managers, not because they don’t like what they are doing. I strongly believe that.

When I walked into my workplace to turn in my key, I was shaking inside and out. I received a text from him a few minutes before pulling in the parking lot. I replied back as my hands shook and said “I can’t work for a man who lies to me continuedly. I left my key at the front desk. Don’t ever call me or text me for any reason at all.”

What a HUGE step and while I faced my fear, I can tell you it took everything I had to quit and say something true, and not play nice and polite.

What a huge weight lifted. I feel so much better. I am looking for a job now, but I am happier than I have been in a year. It was a toxic place to work. Never again!

Thank you – I am grateful.



Learning to Love Those Who Hurt Us

faith But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which spitefully use you, and persecute you.

~Mathew 5:44

This is one of the hardest things to do. I have personally struggled with this one recently.

It is hard to imagine that someone would deliberately hurt me – actually lie to others to do the harm. I felt deeply hurt. My mind when to the “why did they do this?” Why Why Why?? I didn’t harm them. Eventually, my mind focused on the person themselves. How does he live his life? He is angry, sad, mean, and truly hates his life because of the decisions he’s made along the way. So when I go to this space, I realized it really wasn’t about me. He was about him.

I stopped my car and pulled into a parking lot so I could give my energy and focus to handling my hurt. I began to give up meditation and prayers to him. I asked to let this hurt go. I asked for forgiveness if I had ever hurt him or said something wrong to him. I asked to forgive him for hurting me, and lying to others. I asked that I receive inner peace about him and the situation. I asked that he forgive himself and feel love and peace.

When I left the parking lot – I released the negative and felt the positive love come over me. I am not saying it was easy. But what I want to impress upon you is people will hurt you it’s up to you what you do with that hurt. I chose to focus and take it head on so I didn’t waste anymore energy on it. It might take longer for those hurting on an intimate level and for difference reasons. But stay the course. Stay on track everyday – maybe every morning and in the evening set aside time to meditate and pray for that person. It will be the best solution for you. It will empower you and one day…… the hurt will be gone…..

Love and RELEASE,