Senior Picture! 1981.  Gosh I look so young! Brings back a lot of fun and happy times. I went to H.S. in Yuma Arizona.  I loved H.S.  I was smart, had lots of good friends, and we had a blast.  Music made the difference for me. Playing piano and singing in the choirs/groups made it fun despite the tough teachers that made me work harder. LOL. Thanks to everyone in high school for making it a GREAT memory!!
Senior Pic


Words Matter

Words can either be shared in a good or bad way. One thing I do know for sure, words have power. Sometimes people speak without thinking before they speak. The words spoken are based on what they are feeling in the moment, if they are upset, the words will be out of anger or hurt. What is said towards another human being can yield a powerful blow.   Continue reading “Words Matter”

What is the MOST Important Lesson to Teach our Kids?

  • love 1cortAs a woman of age, who raised her kids all by herself from the time they were 2 & 4, I speak with words of wisdom and experience.

Children absorb so much when they are young. They are constantly looking to their parents and family members who are close to them, as their teachers. They are looking to these people to be the example for them to role model.

It is a huge, a really HUGE role – probably the most important role a parent gives their children. When you are young however, you don’t realize the importance you  play by your actions. Even when you don’t think they are looking, they are.

Some will say they want to teach their children the importance of picking a career, teaching them about money, teaching them values, teaching them to stand up for themselves, and teaching them about God. And ALL of these are important! However, as it states in 1 Corinthians 13 —-the greatest of these is LOVE!

I say this because I see so many marriages that aren’t happy, aren’t working, and two people who aren’t in love and are just together because of the kids. Don’t you think they know you aren’t happy aren’t in love, and basically just trying to get through each day! You are teaching them just that. Don’t you want them to see both mother and dad being happy and in love? Show them what love truly can be like.

I know it’s a double edge sword too. Never make this decision lightly. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but what I am saying is this is important. I married early on in my life for the wrong reasons, and it didn’t work because of that. Huge mistake, except for the two wonderful children I have. BUT, I wanted to have them to see me happy rather than not happy. I was happy alone knowing my soul mate would arrive one day. And I loved them with all my happiness everyday as well.

THE MOST important decision anyone makes in life is WHO THEY CHOOSE TO MARRY! Right? Teach them the importance of taking time to figure out the values, beliefs and characteristics of each person they date. Never settle for someone who doesn’t value them. Relationships should be easy like in baseball, pitch and catch. Will you have disagreements? Absolutely!  Can you agree to disagree? Absolutely! Relationships are about love and respect.  Set the example for your children – BE the example for them.  BE IN LOVE with your partner in life.

Love and light!


Love Someone More Than Yourself

holding hands 1I had a dream last night. This was the message.

LOVE someone more than yourself. Love them enough to want their happiness above your own.

What gets in the way of this happening is our ego. Everyone desires love, it’s our hearts desire. God made us this way. We are all made for love.

But holding on to someone for your own selfish needs, isn’t going to make either one of you happy. It will only drain you and your happiness every day! How exhausting! All that worthless energy given to something not worth giving energy too.

My girlfriend for over 20 years came to this realization years ago. Her and her husband weren’t in love. They got married right out of HS, started a family and were just good friends. They partnered together to raise their two girls, but there was no love between them. They respected one another. They cared for one another. However, they both craved loved.

One day they sat down and talked openly about their relationship/marriage. I don’t know who first said it, but here it is. “WE both know our marriage is more about raising our kids and you and I are roommates. I care about you, but I’m not in love. I want us both to find the love and happiness we deserve. We can still parent/partner to raise our kids. I think it would be better if they see real love and what it can be like in a marriage.”

WOW! How wonderful is that? They talked in an open, respectful way. And it was received in the same way. After 20 years of marriage, they got divorced shortly after the talk, and yes they both found love once they were free to allow that to happen. The kids were fine with the divorce because they saw their parents were working together and weren’t hateful or bitter in any way! That my friend was the best divorce I’ve ever seen.  I wish all of them could be like that, but we both know or have seen bad divorces.

What I want to impress upon you is – If you truly love someone, than love them enough to let them go when you know they aren’t in love with you. Everyone deserves GREAT love!