The year of Change

new beginningsI recently talked to a close friend of mine who has 50+ years of experience in research and teaching, who told me that ages 52 and 56 tend to be major years of change in a persons life. People sometimes refer to the MAJOR changes as a midlife crisis.

Well I’m 56 this year, and I am in the major shift of change. Not long ago I quit a job that I’d mastered all the things I did and more, but the owner lied to everyone, treated some people like they were not worthy of his time or effort, talk about everyone behind their backs, and I finally stood up and said “I’m not doing this anymore!” Period. End of story.

Now – I’m figuring out what I want the next chapter to be. One thing for sure, is I want to be happy whatever I’m doing. No more settling for just a good paycheck. Do you know how many times I’ve done that?! Ugh! And no more being inside a box that people make for me! I am going to live my life – according to me, no one else.

I’m single, kids are grown, and I want this next chapter to be the best one yet! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve accomplished some great things in my career that I’m very proud of! I worked hard to establish a successful career. Now, it’s more about being happy, giving back to others, traveling, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors while earning a happy living. I know things may look like I’m in crisis mode, but I’m not. I’m figuring out what makes me happy.

Life’s to short not to try a new chapter… one that is for me – with no one else dictating what they think I should and should not do. I am happy now that I’m free! Free to do what makes me soar!!!

Deanna (smiling)


What Makes You Happy?

Clipart Face with glassesHappy Friday! Isn’t it funny how everyone all over the globe are usually happy on Friday’s? I know some people who work weekends, so their Friday is on a different day, but most people work M-F; and therefore are thrilled when Friday finally arrives.

Even now as I write this, I’m happy it’s Friday and I’m not working. There’s something about having the “freedom” of the two days off to do whatever the heck we want without expectations, or commitments that we don’t choose to do. We have control of what we want to do!

If it weren’t raining – I’d be outside enjoying the springtime; walking, hiking, feeling the sun hit my skin and taking a deep sigh, feeling all is good in the world. During those time in nature, I feel joy and peace at the same time.

So what makes you Happy? Art? Nature? Photography? Music? Whatever it is, DO IT! I say DO IT now! Do what makes you feel joy and happiness as often as you can. Doing what makes you happy is a piece of heaven on earth!


Deanna xoxo

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

what would you do if you weren't afraidI decided after making my Vision Board for 2015, that I wanted to start the year with a small, workshop being offered called “Celebrating a Life worth Living.”

Our first class went amazing well with a small group of 11. The leader asked many open ended questions, each being very thought provoking. But one of the questions asked was “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” I thought wow, good question. We broke off by two’s to accomplish this task. We were told to say the question out loud, and the first thing that came to our mind was the answer. Then say the question again, and say the next answer.

When we were finished, the group was asked to share. Some shared positives – like travel around world, and others shared life changing choices like get a divorce and move to a place I want to live. See what I mean about thought provoking? Would you leave your marriage/boyfriend if you weren’t afraid? Would you change your job right now if you weren’t afraid? Would you change your career to something totally different, something you’re passionate about, something you would LOVE doing every day, if you weren’t afraid? Would you tell your family your gay/lesbian if you weren’t afraid? Would you speak up for what you believe in going against the norm around a group of friends if you weren’t afraid? Would you tell your boss he/she isn’t being fair to your co-workers if you weren’t afraid?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Ask yourself this question. Write down what comes to your mind when you say it out loud. Keep asking until you have several things on paper. Are you amazed at what came to your mind? I can guarantee some of you are.

Let me share my answer with you when it was my turn to ask this question. In front of my partner, whom I didn’t know at all, I said “What would I do if I weren’t afraid?” I replied “I’m not afraid of anything anymore.” The look on her face was shock and disbelief. “Really?” I said “Yes. I’m not afraid anymore of doing what I want to do. Over a year ago my life was almost taken in an instant. I survived almost being killed by someone I had dated. I was changed in that moment and awakened at the same time. For that – I am very grateful. I’m happy to live life to the fullest every day!”

If I can impart words of wisdom to you right now – Don’t be afraid of anything! Take the steps to do the things you want, desire & dream about. You are stronger, smarter, and more amazing than you truly realize. Never let FEAR hold you back! Get past it.

The Unconditional Love of a Pet

Rocky 2012I was overwhelmed when my dog Rocky recently and suddenly had to be put to sleep. He really wasn’t my dog, but like most parents we end up being the caretaker because the kids are busy with their lives. My youngest child Andrew went off to college 2 years ago and couldn’t take Rocky with him to the dorm! But thank goodness for unanswered prayers because all I had was Rocky now. It was him and I to love each other in this transition of our life. rocky 2013

Rocky is a beautiful black lab with a white streak on his chest and on his back paws. He was a big dog weighing 100 pounds, but he had no idea he was big! He was Andrew’s dog and would shower him with unstoppable kisses when he comes home for a weekend!

I woke up like any other Sunday morning with Rocky lying on his bed next to my bed. He was looking up at me like he was ready to go outside for his morning business. When I got to the door he whined at me. He tried to get up but couldn’t. He tried to drag himself with his front legs out of not knowing what to do. I rushed over to him to help. I tried to get him to stand but he couldn’t. He was paralyzed from his hips down. It was Sunday so I had to get him to the emergency vet not his normal vet.

This was one of the hardest and unselfish things I had to do. Vet said Rocky had a stroke sometime during the night and had no feeling from his mid section down to his toenails. He was in a lot of pain, and I couldn’t see him suffer. He was such a happy dog and even there lying on the table all he wanted to do was kiss me as I cried.  I held him tight, told him how much I loved him, told him what a wonderful dog he was, and I held him he went to sleep.

I didn’t realize what a big part of my life he was. He loved me unconditionally and brought joy to me every day! I miss seeing him in the recliner next to mind every evening sleeping in some odd position and making me smile. I miss us walking to bed together every night and I even miss hearing him snore at night. Rocky will forever be in my heart and I miss him every day! What I want to impress upon you is take pictures of you and your pet together. It is priceless!