Nature Sings

Singing-to-natures-melody“Faith is seeing with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness.”

As I woke up this morning, I heard sounds of nature outside my window and to me it was the sound of beautiful music being played. I let my mind wander and I thought all of God’s creation must wake up happy. They sing of joy, happiness, and gratitude. It is so peaceful to sit and listen to nature. I feel at one with my spirit when I take the time to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds me knowing only the divine could have created it. I love to sit and just listen to each and every song by nature.

I wonder if the birds ever worry they won’t have food to eat? I wonder if any animal every worries that their needs won’t be met. I bet they are content and don’t worry at all. They have faith that when they are hungry they will find food. And when they are tired, they lay down to sleep.

We need to be content. We need not worry or be anxious for anything. Our needs will be met!  We get caught up in all the wanting of more stuff that we forget the basics are all we need.

Listen to nature sing in the morning. Be at peace and feel the divine presence with you.

Love & Singing,


EnJoy the Day

Sunrise-Above-The-CloudsEnjoy the day as it unfolds for it will reveal itself according to a divine power not yours! ~Deanna

We all plan our day as its suppose to go – according to our plan. BUT I didn’t plan today as it has unfolded. I was thrown a curve and I rolled with it (not happily I might add)  But to my surprise – IT’s BETTER than I PLANNED!!! Laughing….. I am enJOYing today more than any other day this week. Isn’t that funny? What I thought would be bad turned out GREAT!

What I know is this….. it’s not all about what I think my life should be, but what I surrender to and allow the divine power to give me. I will always follow when I feel that power! It is like this picture – Sunrise Above the Clouds!!! Don’t you want that too?!

Let go….. and allow what you are supposed to experience – It just might be BETTER than you ever imagined!!! (hugs)

Love and Allowing-



Today is A Gift

five_gifts“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” ~ Bil Keane

Today is Friday! I know everyone is happy on Friday…. we wake up happy knowing it’s Friday because we are almost to the weekend. Isn’t it funny how everyone is happy at work on Fridays?

BUT WHAT IF…… that’s the question I want to pose today. What if……we woke up happy everyday? What if ….. we realized today is a gift.  A gift that is handed to us when we open our eyes each and every morning. Some people aren’t given this gift this morning. I know and you know it is possible to change how you look at things. It’s a choice we make. When you open your eyes, give thanks!

Here’s what I think we should say.. or something close to this –

 I am so blessed to have this gift today. Thank you so much. Please use me to show love and kindness to everyone who comes my way today. Help me to make good choices and use me is a positive way.

I am grateful, humbled and happy to begin this day.

Now don’t you think this would make a difference each and every day if our attitude were different. I know it would!!

****** Today isn’t promised to us – it truly is a gift.*****

Love and Grateful for my Gift!