What Makes You Happy?

Clipart Face with glassesHappy Friday! Isn’t it funny how everyone all over the globe are usually happy on Friday’s? I know some people who work weekends, so their Friday is on a different day, but most people work M-F; and therefore are thrilled when Friday finally arrives.

Even now as I write this, I’m happy it’s Friday and I’m not working. There’s something about having the “freedom” of the two days off to do whatever the heck we want without expectations, or commitments that we don’t choose to do. We have control of what we want to do!

If it weren’t raining – I’d be outside enjoying the springtime; walking, hiking, feeling the sun hit my skin and taking a deep sigh, feeling all is good in the world. During those time in nature, I feel joy and peace at the same time.

So what makes you Happy? Art? Nature? Photography? Music? Whatever it is, DO IT! I say DO IT now! Do what makes you feel joy and happiness as often as you can. Doing what makes you happy is a piece of heaven on earth!


Deanna xoxo

Nature Sings

Singing-to-natures-melody“Faith is seeing with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness.”

As I woke up this morning, I heard sounds of nature outside my window and to me it was the sound of beautiful music being played. I let my mind wander and I thought all of God’s creation must wake up happy. They sing of joy, happiness, and gratitude. It is so peaceful to sit and listen to nature. I feel at one with my spirit when I take the time to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds me knowing only the divine could have created it. I love to sit and just listen to each and every song by nature.

I wonder if the birds ever worry they won’t have food to eat? I wonder if any animal every worries that their needs won’t be met. I bet they are content and don’t worry at all. They have faith that when they are hungry they will find food. And when they are tired, they lay down to sleep.

We need to be content. We need not worry or be anxious for anything. Our needs will be met!  We get caught up in all the wanting of more stuff that we forget the basics are all we need.

Listen to nature sing in the morning. Be at peace and feel the divine presence with you.

Love & Singing,


Today is a Gift

Today is a gift. It is something we think we will have years of, but honestly we aren’t promised another day. We are given this day as an unique and special gift. A gift that needs to be appreciated. And our only response should be one of gratefulness. Treat each day as if it were your first day and your last day. Know that each thought, each action, each word, and each moment are unique to this day.

Open your eyes to that which is around you. Look up to see the sky as the clouds move. See the wonderful sun and the beautiful colors as it sets in the evening or the serenity as it rises in the morning. Watch a bird fly in all it’s beauty. Open your eyes to all parts of mother nature and the awesomeness of all living life forms. The changing of the seasons allows us to see how beautiful nature is.

Open your heart to this gift. Allow yourself to be touched by others on this day. Make sure you touch someone else with your presence, just with your touch or words of kindness.You are the source of making a difference to someone each day you are given.

As you open your heart to gratefulness remember this….. If we treat this day as an unique gift then you will have spent this day well.

with gratefulness,