Life Lesson…Don’t do something that isn’t healthy for you

karmaPeople can sometimes be mean – down right mean to others on purpose. I experienced this yesterday first hand with someone whom I had tried to help over a year ago. He had said something to someone else that was hurtful, mean, and all lies! I was in shock!! It hurt my soul to hear this. I felt sick to my stomach as I listened.

For the life of me, I just can’t understand someone who is like that. He was one of my clients that I tried to help, but I realized after just one day with him that he was always negative, hated life, hated government, hated his life, racist, and he complained about everything!! He just wasn’t happy at all. He didn’t take responsibility for his choices and was angry because “he never got a fair shake like everyone else.” It was a horrible environment to work.

Well – anyone who knows me knows how positive, happy and completely optimistic I am. I seriously didn’t want to see this man at all because it brought my soul down. I couldn’t be around the NEGATIVE environment without being physically effected by it. I dreaded it when I had to go in his office. And what started out as me HELPING HIM, turned out hurting me. Just as I was about to end it, fate (God) stepped in for me. This man said he didn’t need me anymore because his girlfriend was back and she would take over things again.

I was thinking about this and what lesson I was suppose to learn from it. My intentions were good because I wanted to help him get his business back on track by catching up all his accounting. But it wasn’t healthy for me to do this for him.

I knew within one day that it wasn’t good for me. My soul was telling me to stop because I felt sick when I was with him. The lesson was for me to listen to my voice because my well being was more important than helping him. I was making myself sick – literally.

If you ever experience this with someone whether it’s a friend, co-worker, boss, client, boyfriend, or whom ever it may be, don’t continue with the relationship!! You can say this isn’t working for me and I’ve got to end this now. You can tell them you wish them the best, and just leave. You don’t need to say anything more.

This was a hard lesson for me. I wanted to share this with you in order to press upon you that you are far MORE IMPORTANT than letting anyone hurt you intentionally or unintentionally. Get yourself out of that situation.

I felt so much better as I walked out of his business that day. I wanted to CHEER as I walked to my car. Be good to yourself – love yourself. YOU are very important to you and to those that love you!

Love and Healthy relationships!




What’s on your mind?

Think about this for a moment…….For the majority of the time – are you thinking negative thoughts or positive thoughts? (the key here is to be honest with yourself)  If our thoughts are continually cycling negative things over and over again, then we will attract negative. If you think about positive things, or happy thoughts, then you will attract positive. This is basically LIKE attracts LIKE rule.

You’ve heard the saying “Birds of a feather flock together” right? Do you have people in your life that are “like” you? You need to have positive people in your life. They will be the ones to encourage you, support you when you’re on top and when you’re in the valley, and be a positive influence for making you the best you can be.

Now – you know there are negative nellies in this world. We all have known someone who likes drama or always has something stirring in their lives. They actually thrive on it! They want to attract people who will be just like them. Complaining about things in their lives instead of seeing anything positive!! Those are the ones to stay away from. They will bring you down to their level in a matter of time. Don’t!!! Life is short to be down where you don’t want to be. Make that change.

Believe it or not, i was actually in a relationship with a NN (negative nellie). I’m so not like that either. I’m the POSITIVE one. I’m confident and outgoing. I wake up every morning in a positive happy mood. To be with someone like that it literally drained my energy every day. It wasn’t good at all. I felt myself changing just to make it alright for the other person. And no matter how I tried, I couldn’t get that person to see anything positive. I made the change to make it better.

So let me ask you – What’s on your mind? What do you want to attract? Positive or Negative? I know it would be hard to really face the fact if you are the NN. But I know you can change if you really want to. If something has caused you to be negative, then ask yourself what it is that has made you this way. Trust me when you ask yourself a question, your mind immediately searches your database to give you an answer. Find the reason, forgive someone if you need to – it will free you – literally! Again – life is too short. Move on and be the positive person for others in your life. You will attract what you put out there.

Love & Passion