Waking UP with Gratitude

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”~ Marcel Proust

As I was driving yesterday to get out, let my hair blow with all the windows down and the sunroof open, I listened to the CD – “The Secret”.  I kept replaying the part about waking up grateful for today, and thinking about all the things we are grateful for.  I know I do this on a subconscious level, but I decided to do it first and foremost before setting my two feet on the floor this morning. Lying in bed, I took a deep breath and let it out. I did this several times. This got my mind focused and centered in gratefulness. I said out loud ” I am so happy and grateful for today. Thank you for blessing me with……”  I listed what I’m thankful for. I didn’t make the list long, but my major points. (smile)

I feel so happy that I started my day out this way. Sometimes I write in my journal what I’m grateful for, but this was different. This brought me to FEEL it. Give it a try!  You will be happy you did.

Love and Light,


Learn to Change

teacherI honestly never wanted to think I liked routine, but I do in some respect, in some ways. But I am also very open to change. I NEED change!  I have lived a life of constant change. As a military child I moved every few years it seemed. I’ve travel to many parts of the world, and even moved across country several times. I have fond memories of sitting in the back of a station wagon with the pop up seat that when seated, you faced the car behind you as we drove across country to another school and new friends. So to me change is easy.

I had a job a few years ago where I had to train the State employees on new financial software that the state had purchased. I knew that it would be a hard transition for some of the people and easier for others. One thing I do know for sure is it is really difficult for someone who has done the same thing in the same way for 20 years to all of the sudden to it differently – even though it would be better in the long run. I faced some of these people with a smile and told them in the beginning to “have an open mind” first. I was setting the stage for them to be open to this change and not just coming in and “force” it.

I also was able to relate to them – on their level. My job prior to this one was as a state employee too. I knew how routine was key to everyone or 95% of them in that state environment. It was how things operated. No one wanted change. They didn’t see it as a positive -unlike me. I always see change as an opportunity! Since I could talk on their level as a former state employee they were more receptive and open. To my surprise I had lots of people wanting to take my class. I loved loved loved doing this. Teaching people something new and seeing them get excited about learning a new way – absolutely priceless!!

When something new is presented to you. I ask that you be open. Let the opportunity present itself, listen to it, and think about it  – making sure you leave the door open not closed. It could be an improvement in your life!  I know what my mom would say when she wanted me to try a new food I hadn’t tried before. “YOU NEVER KNOW UNLESS YOU TRY IT!” It’s true!

Change is an opportunity for growth! Remember that. 🙂