Message for today

greatnessDo you think you can? You can achieve and do anything you want with this knowledge. In the past you may have underestimated how brilliant you are. Well, now you know you are the Supreme Mind and that you can draw anything you want from that One Supreme Mind. Any invention, any inspiration, any answer, anything. You can do anything you want. You are a genius beyond description. So start telling yourself that and become aware of who you really are. ~ The Secret

This was my message today. Sharing with you because you have seeds of greatness inside!!!

Love and Light


What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

what would you do if you weren't afraidI decided after making my Vision Board for 2015, that I wanted to start the year with a small, workshop being offered called “Celebrating a Life worth Living.”

Our first class went amazing well with a small group of 11. The leader asked many open ended questions, each being very thought provoking. But one of the questions asked was “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” I thought wow, good question. We broke off by two’s to accomplish this task. We were told to say the question out loud, and the first thing that came to our mind was the answer. Then say the question again, and say the next answer.

When we were finished, the group was asked to share. Some shared positives – like travel around world, and others shared life changing choices like get a divorce and move to a place I want to live. See what I mean about thought provoking? Would you leave your marriage/boyfriend if you weren’t afraid? Would you change your job right now if you weren’t afraid? Would you change your career to something totally different, something you’re passionate about, something you would LOVE doing every day, if you weren’t afraid? Would you tell your family your gay/lesbian if you weren’t afraid? Would you speak up for what you believe in going against the norm around a group of friends if you weren’t afraid? Would you tell your boss he/she isn’t being fair to your co-workers if you weren’t afraid?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Ask yourself this question. Write down what comes to your mind when you say it out loud. Keep asking until you have several things on paper. Are you amazed at what came to your mind? I can guarantee some of you are.

Let me share my answer with you when it was my turn to ask this question. In front of my partner, whom I didn’t know at all, I said “What would I do if I weren’t afraid?” I replied “I’m not afraid of anything anymore.” The look on her face was shock and disbelief. “Really?” I said “Yes. I’m not afraid anymore of doing what I want to do. Over a year ago my life was almost taken in an instant. I survived almost being killed by someone I had dated. I was changed in that moment and awakened at the same time. For that – I am very grateful. I’m happy to live life to the fullest every day!”

If I can impart words of wisdom to you right now – Don’t be afraid of anything! Take the steps to do the things you want, desire & dream about. You are stronger, smarter, and more amazing than you truly realize. Never let FEAR hold you back! Get past it.

Thinking Positive

intentions are warmI must say that the weather outside is making me want to stay in bed with the covers pulled over my head to keep warm!! It is -4 degrees and might be +2 by noon. My body isn’t made for this cold weather. After all, I’m an Arizona girl.

So my intentions and thoughts are thinking positive things. I am thinking of warm beach sand squeezing through my toes as I walk on the beach, hearing the waves crash as they reach the shore, and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. Wow…. what a powerful manifestation of thoughts!

Stay warm my friends….. one day we will really feel the sand and hear the beach soon. What a blessing it will be. Think positive!

Love and beach thoughts,


Life is…..about communicating

communicatingI had lunch the other day with a new friend. I always enjoy meeting new people, getting to know them, seeing them and how they communicate, their mannerisms and listening to what they feel lead to talk about. Always a good thing!

When I make time to meet with someone, I am always aware of the meeting the their needs during our time together because I believe that is why we are together. There is a purpose either for me or for them. But on this particular day, he was there for my purpose. He gave me some insights or should I say his perspective on helping me be a better writer. I could tell he was a little cautious about what he wanted to share because he wanted it to be positive feedback and not taken the wrong way.

I reassured him I was open to what he wanted to share as long as he said it in a nice way. I know from being a manager of people, it is better to be honest with one another, but it is always in the delivery or how you communicate that message that matters. It’s not really the content that matters. Just like a good joke, it is all in the delivery that makes people laugh or not.

Much to my surprise – he communicated it perfectly. And you know what? What he said was exactly what I needed to hear. He was the messenger to me that day. His communication of what he thought and felt, both positive and negative in the sense to help me improve were perfect. He said others he has tried to be open with didn’t take it well and got defensive and mad, so you can image he was a bit apprehensive to share. However, I am glad he did.

I hope I always remember what he said as I sit down to blog or write my book.

I am one that believes in communicating face to face. We live in a world of high technology, smart phones and text messaging is vastly growing as the new norm of communicating. I believe texting has a purpose, but it will never replace looking someone in the eyes, seeing their expressions, reading their body language or hearing the tone in their voice to know exactly how someone has received the communication you just shared with them.

I know this is hard to do for some introverts or those that are shy. I really do understand that. Even harder when you think what you have to say might be a confrontation. Avoiding confrontation is huge to some people (that will be another blog).

I really wanted to convey the importance of communicating – openly with one another. You should be able to do that without fear of being judged or put down for it. Just be mindful about your delivery – how you say it.  Words can either help or tear down someone. Never tear anyone else down. DELIVERY is Key!

Love & Passion,