Shift Gears

bikersWhenever you feel yourself slipping into judgment or worry, use your mind to shift gears. An affirmation that says, “This very moment is a miracle, as is everything around me,” will let you use our thoughts in appreciation rather than anxiety. ~ Wayne Dyer

I like what Marianne Williamson has said –  “I will think differently about this right now in this moment!” NOW that is shifting gears – in the moment.

I read this quote today and wanted to share. I have been anxious the past few days so this was exactly what I needed to see today. I love when that happens. Have you ever felt when you heard a sermon and felt it was written specifically for you or hear something on the radio, and you knew in that moment it was meant for just YOU!!  The universe is giving you the answer or resolution.  Angels are responding all around you. To me, that is awesome!

Shifting gears gives you the power to move into the positive and away from the negative. Saying this affirmation or something similar empowers you.

So when I begin to feel the negative again, I will make a conscious decision to “shift gears” like on my bike. Shift it to the higher gear (or the higher vibration as I would say) and kick it up!

I know this is a quick and to the point. But you will get the message if you are meant to!

Love and Shifting Gears!!



Rise to your Greatness!

greatnessEverybody has seeds of greatness inside them. We all are destined to fulfill what we were put here on earth to do.

If our potential is off the chart, whomever we are, we need to let go of our impediments, real or imagined. One example is Moses. Yes THE Moses…. Did you know he was physically frail and spoke with a lisp? But he was called by God to greatness. God has called each of us to do the same.

Greatness is not reserved for the great!


Everyone alive has a destiny infinitely richer than they know.

Imagine Thomas Edison giving up as an inventor and deciding to become a banker. He could have lived a good life, maybe even given money generously to help others build there dream home, and gone to church every Sunday. But he wouldn’t have fulfilled his greatness in helping others. Did you know he didn’t give up after failing 200 times trying to invent the light bulb? This is what he said – He found 200 ways NOT to invent the light bulb.

Some of you may not know Dr. Jonas Salk. You will in a minute. Let’s imagine Dr. Salk a successful businessman, a generous citizen, and a wonderful father, but never going into a lab. What may have seemed a good life would have truly been tragic, the pain and suffering he was meant to remove from the world never having been achieved. Dr. Salk was the inventor of the polio vaccine.

Thinking of Edison and Dr. Salk. When they died and went to heaven, standing before God, and God clearly shows them all the things they could have achieved, everything they should have done, but didn’t because they chose a different path. Can you imagine the grief, the guilt they would feel at the moment?

All of us are meant for something Great. So here is the measurement you need to know – Where am I today, not in reference to others, but in reference to myself? Where am I on the road to my full potential, to my greatness?

Love and Passion,