Angels in the Nick of Time

coverimageFIX1-MED‘ANGELS IN THE NICK OF TIME’  By Deanna Leigh

Do you know someone in an  abusive relationship? Possibly a co-dependency? Is he/she controlling? Do they verbally abuse you to bring you down to their level? Do you stay in this relationship because you think you can’t do better? PLEASE read my true story!!

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Hearts will Break

blkwht heartHearts will never be made practical until they are made unbreakable.
~ The Tinman – Wizard of Oz.

We all have experienced our hearts broken or hurt at some point in our lives. It’s a part of making us who we are today. But with that said, it certainly doesn’t make it easier to go through! When your heart hurts – it hurts deep because we love and care with all our heart.

What I’ve come to realize though….. is we can’t protect our hearts from being hurt. People will do or say something to us without thinking it might hurt us in some way.  There will be some people who will hurt us intentionally and some who hurt us unintentionally. This is what we need to be aware of. Don’t let someone hurt you over and over again because YOU love them and don’t want to be without them. You have more self-worth than that! It’s their issue with themselves, not yours. Let them go. Move on so you can allow better people in your life.

It’s an ACT of SELF LOVE.

Love yourself and give yourself love first! It’s the only way to finding the love that will love you more!

Love ME – Love you…. (smile)


Self-Confidence is the foundation….

Self-Confidence 1Did you know that only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves beautiful? Isn’t that an amazing statistic considering women make up 51% of the world’s population.

As I began to think of inner beauty and what is attractive, I immediately thought of self-confidence. I believe it has a greater role or affects more than we even know.

When I’ve asked the special men from my past this question – “What was the first thing about me that you found attractive?” EVERYONE of them first said – Your self-confidence! After that, they began to name all the other things they loved about me some were inner beauty and some physical – like my smile!

I believe having low self-esteem can negatively affect every aspect of your life, including your relationships, your job, and even your health. It’s such a negative in your life, that how can it NOT affect you.

What do you say to yourself everyday? Do you put yourself down before you leave for work? Like I look horrible, I’m fat, my nose it to big, I’m to thin, this outfit makes me look fat, or I don’t even look better with makeup on. It’s these things that run through your head constantly –  putting yourself down in some way that affect how you feel about yourself. What you think and say will either lift you UP or put you DOWN.

When you start feeling “the negatives” coming – change that channel!! Switch it to the positive channel – find something you do like about yourself! Say it out loud – think it over and over again or put it on a “post it note” on the bathroom mirror.

Change your body posture! How would someone who loves them self or who thinks they are totally HOT stand? They would of course stand straight with shoulders back. Walk with confidence – Stand with confidence.

Don’t define yourself by what other people think or what they want you to be. This can also be self-defeating. You have to be happy with YOU. What you want to be or who you are inside has to be enough for your life. But you have to accept that you don’t have to please others – you have to please you – BE YOU and they will either love you or not.  Let go of those who don’t.

Take small steps daily to gain confidence in yourself. If it’s something you are lacking, it won’t over night. Just like gaining and loosing weight. It take time to put on 50 lbs – and it will take time to take it off. So be mindful that you have years of negative thoughts or beliefs, it will take time, daily steps to change your way of thinking. Over time you will gain bit by bit your self-confidence.

Stay on course! Keep pushing for the positive thoughts – Confidence is the foundation for self beauty!

Loving and positive thinking!