The year of Change

new beginningsI recently talked to a close friend of mine who has 50+ years of experience in research and teaching, who told me that ages 52 and 56 tend to be major years of change in a persons life. People sometimes refer to the MAJOR changes as a midlife crisis.

Well I’m 56 this year, and I am in the major shift of change. Not long ago I quit a job that I’d mastered all the things I did and more, but the owner lied to everyone, treated some people like they were not worthy of his time or effort, talk about everyone behind their backs, and I finally stood up and said “I’m not doing this anymore!” Period. End of story.

Now – I’m figuring out what I want the next chapter to be. One thing for sure, is I want to be happy whatever I’m doing. No more settling for just a good paycheck. Do you know how many times I’ve done that?! Ugh! And no more being inside a box that people make for me! I am going to live my life – according to me, no one else.

I’m single, kids are grown, and I want this next chapter to be the best one yet! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve accomplished some great things in my career that I’m very proud of! I worked hard to establish a successful career. Now, it’s more about being happy, giving back to others, traveling, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors while earning a happy living. I know things may look like I’m in crisis mode, but I’m not. I’m figuring out what makes me happy.

Life’s to short not to try a new chapter… one that is for me – with no one else dictating what they think I should and should not do. I am happy now that I’m free! Free to do what makes me soar!!!

Deanna (smiling)


Belly Flops

belly flopsI was listening to K-LOVE radio one morning this week as I was  heading into the office. I love to sing and drive. I don’t care if I look crazy to those driving around me. I know I sound good!! LOL

The woman on the radio was talking about her vacation with her kids. She took her two sons to the Jelly Belly Candy factory. When I heard her say jelly bellys – she got my attention. I love jelly belly’s – almost all the flavors, and especially buttered popcorn! I would love to mix the popcorn with caramel. (smile) Anyway… The little boys thought it was a cool place!  She noticed that the company didn’t throw out the jelly bellys that came out wrong, or were imperfect. Normally you would think they would be thrown away because they weren’t perfectly made. However they weren’t even looked at as bad, but were packaged and sold as “Belly Flops” – isn’t that cute!!! I love that!!!

Belly Flops have imperfections and so do we as humans. Non one is perfect. Each one of us has imperfections and come in different shapes and sizes. But that doesn’t make us less worthy. So why do we thinks we are? Hogwash! Let’s think of ourselves as belly flops! We still have that great wonderful taste, but come in a different package than the others. We are unique in our own way and that is special!

Don’t focus on your imperfections. You are awesome just the way you are. Go buy some belly flops!

Love and Imperfections,


Living Your Truth


“Live your true life. Being honest with yourself first and then with others will bring you true happiness and give you an abundant life.”


I was reminded yesterday how important it is to LIVE YOUR TRUE LIFE  when the basketball player Jason Collins decided to finally announce to the world he was gay and therefore claiming his true life. No one wants to live in fear. They shouldn’t have to. He has had an out pour of support – probably more that he ever expected. He must feel so FREE to be himself and not be in fear anymore.

There are people who don’t understand or who feel it’s wrong to be gay, but I think it’s best to always be WHO you ARE and not feel you have to conform to what other people want you to be. That’s what I mean by living your honest life. I can’t imagine having to be quiet or afraid of being who you are because others may not like it or judge you. It isn’t our place to judge anyone. We are called to love our neighbor – to love everyone!

We may not agree with what someone else does, but we still love them!! It’s like someone who has an eating disorder or smokes – we may not like what they are doing, but we still love them unconditionally.

I am happy Jason decided to love himself and live his truth!! <applaud> Kisses and HUGS!

Go be happy – BE WHO YOU ARE – openly and honestly.

Love and TRUTH